Automatic Gates & Parking Barriers

Automatic Barriers are ideal for controlling car park and entry points, also offer economical models for small sites.
Not only an Efficient and Effective way of increasing security at your premises, automatic barriers can also double up as a way of monitoring the number of vehicles and clients passing through the control point and secure the entrance.

Also it prevents access to a dangerous or illegal area; In an industrial system, it is a guard such as a fence line, designed to keep the operator away from hazards and offer protection.
The barriers are operated by electromechanical gear motor, which makes them suitable for frequently visitors, and suitable for both large and small premises. Automatic barriers are highly adaptable, can work in any weather, and are frequently used for entrances.

Tired of stopping your vehicle and manually opening/closing your gate every time you leave or come home? Simplify the process with this single-gate automatic gate opening system that lets you control your gate from the comfort of your vehicle! Just press the entry transmitter in your car (similar to a garage door opener) and the Automatic Gate Opener will open your gate. Once you exit, you can close the gate with another press of the remote, or it will close by itself 60 seconds later — so you’ll never accidentally leave it open.


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